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Live Marketing Agency



Studio Excite sees itself as a full-service partner for thrilling events and live communication with the necessary "Content-Wow".


As an integral part of your team, we produce your event contentwise and event logistically according to your briefing, enriched with our ideas and know-how. In doing this, we work with professional partners from our extensive network.


We believe that in today's world, events and content must go hand in hand. That's why we think about content at every step of the event production process.


For us, content means the thematically relevant design of the event, which must provide tangible added value for its participants and the brand. On the other hand, it also includes the meaningful extension and exploitation of an event's message across all channels and through all participants, also post-event.


We combine more than 14 years of experience in classic B2B, consumer and music events, as well as private client events, with our instinct for trends in live communication, a passion for exciting content and a dedication to individual details.


Working on the corporate marketing side for 7 years in total has provided us with a deep understanding for brand needs and enables us to incorporate these effectively into the event planning process.

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